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Mathigon contains courses, activities and resources for the entire mathematics curriculum, all of which are completely free to use. We've made our content as flexible and accessible as possible – no matter how you like to teach, or which technology you and your students have access to.

Virtual Manipulatives

Polypad is the best digital canvas for exploring mathematics: containing 50+ unique virtual manipulatives, dynamic geometry, graph plotting, powerful sharing features, and much more. Explore…

Professional Development

Join our regular webinars, watch recordings of previous events, or browse our library of tutorial videos – for free! You can also contact us for bespoke professional development sessions. Learn more…

Interactive Courses

Our highly interactive courses are aligned to national standards like the US Common Core. Students can explore them as a homework assignment, in a “flipped classroom”, or when learning remotely.

Lesson Plans and Tasks

Our task library contains 50+ free student activities and teaching ideas for your classroom: from complete, standards-aligned lesson plans to short puzzles and games. Explore…

Teacher Dashboard

On our teacher dashboard, you can track your students’ progress in real time and see all their saved Polypad canvases. You can also import student rosters directly from Google Classroom. Learn more…

Games, Activities and Resources

Here you can discover games like Factris, Origami folding instructions, multiplication flash cards, a customisable treasure hunt, a timeline, puzzle calendars, and so much more. Explore…

Upcoming Events

Every month, we host multiple free webinars to help teachers get started on Mathigon, introduce new features, share teaching ideas and activities, or showcase the work of guest speakers and other teachers. Join us live on YouTube, or watch the recordings below.

Professional Development

Do you want to schedule a custom professional development session for your team, school or district? Our team of content experts offers in-depth events tailored for different age groups, that can range from one hour to an entire day. Please get in touch if you are interested!

Community Forum

Join our teacher community forum to explore lesson ideas, learn about our latest new features, submit suggestions, and connect with other teachers from all around the world. We look forward to learning together!

Past Event Recordings

Exploring Algebra

Learn about how to engage students in algebraic thinking, with guest speaker Dr. Nicki Newton.

Sunil Singh – Guest Speaker

Sunil Singh shares examples of inclusive and joyful mathematics based on storytelling and curiosity.

Exploring Data Science

Learn about all the different Polypad tools for tables, charts, statistics and data visualisations

Mathematics Teachers' Association of India

Explore the power of virtual manipulatives on Polypad in this conference recording

Back to School – Secondary

Learn more about all the features available on Mathigon, and how these can be used in the classroom

Back to School – Elementary

Learn more about all the features available on Mathigon, and how these can be used in the classroom

Exploring Probability

Polypad contains dice, coins, spinners, playing cards, charts, tables and so much more – perfect for exploring probability

Exploring Geometry

The unique tools on Polypad are perfect for exploring geometry, creating patterns or constructing shapes

Exploring Numbers

Explore how to use the manipulatives on Polypad to help students make meaning of all types of numbers and operations

Teacher Tools

Learn more about all our tools, resources and analytics dashboards for teachers

Mathigon 101 – Secondary

Learn more about all the features available on Mathigon, and how these can be used in the classroom

Mathigon 101 – Elementary

Learn more about all the features available on Mathigon, and how these can be used in the classroom

Teachers share how they use Polypad

Listen to six different teachers share how they use Polypad with their students

Numbers and Fractions with Polypad

Discover how you can use virtual manipulatives to teach about numbers and fractions

Control Alt Archive Workshop

Mathigon's head of content David Poras is being interviewed by Eric Curts

Polypad PD – Elementary

Learn more about all the features available on Polypad, and how these can be used in the classroom

Polypad PD – Middle School

Learn more about all the features available on Polypad, and how these can be used in the classroom

Manipulatives Masterclass

La Salle MathsConf 25, March 2021

Virtual manipulatives are great for inspiring creativity and teaching problem solving skills. Learn more about all the features available on Polypad, and how these can be used in the classroom!

Shall we play a game?

La Salle MathsConf 24, October 2020

Many popular games contain some mathematics, from Noughts and Crosses to Tetris, Monopoly or Settlers of Catan. We will discuss how probability, combinatorics, logic and computer simulations can help us find optimal strategies for different games, and how games can be used in the classroom to make learning more fun and memorable.

Download slides (15MB)

How to Discover Mathematics

La Salle MathsConf 23, June 2020

In the school curriculum, mathematics is usually presented as “finished”: students just see the final version of thousands of years filled with exploration, discovery, surprises, mistakes and misconceptions. In this workshop, we will discuss what it feels like to “discover” mathematics, and how you can give students this experience in the classroom.

Download slides (7MB)

How Mathematics Connects Us

MoMath Workshop, May 2020

We are surrounded by networks: from roads and rail tracks to supply chains, the internet, and even social relationships. Discover how mathematics can help us understand these connections (called "graphs"), and draw some fascinating conclusions.

Live Activities

Creativity and Storytelling

NCTM 100 Days of Learning, May 2020

For many students, learning mathematics is simply about memorizing abstract rules and procedures. In this talk, we want to explore how storytelling and real-life applications can make the content more accessible and engaging, and how creativity and problem-solving can show students the great power and surprising beauty of mathematics.

Download slides (22MB)

Xoogler Pitch Day

June 2019, London

Mathigon founder Philipp Legner joins other Ex-Google employees to pitch startup ideas to leading investors and VC funds.


November 2018, London

EDUCATE, the UK’s leading research-based EdTech accelerator, is hosting its inaugural Demo Day at London City Hall. Mathigon and other award-winning companies will present their work to transform education.

Multiplication by Heart Tutorial

Learn about Multiplication by Heart, spaced repetition, and our teacher dashboard

Creating Classes and Adding Students

Learn how to add classes and students to your Mathigon Teacher Dashboard

Sharing Polypads with a URL

Learn how to share a Polypad canvas using a unique URL

Sharing Polypads to Google Classroom

Learn how to share a Polypad canvas with students using Google Classroom

Sharing Polypads with Mathigon Classes

Learn how to share a Polypad canvas with one of your Mathigon classes

Polypad Question Builder

Learn how to use Polypad's question builder to create, assign and review interactive worksheets

Embedding Polypad on Other Websites

Learn how you can embed interactive Polypad canvases on other websites like Google Sites